about me

PER IL PROFILO IN ITALIANO  CLICCA QUI  . Here youu can find the illustrated WEBSITE MAP

I obtained my diploma from IED in Milan in 1987, since then I have been working as a freelance for publishers and advertising agencies.
I have worked for several periodicals specialising in illustrating household tips and creative ideas (Bella and Agenda di Bella-1992 /2000 ) besides current affairs, self help, travels, beauty and fashion. I’ve been working  for Donna Moderna since 2006. Other periodicals I have cooperated with are: Tu, Gente Viaggi, Vitality, Salve,Top Girl, Vivimilano, Moda, Astra, Milleidee, Pratica.

In advertising I have carried out projects for brochures, magazines, web pages, and designed greeting cards and board games.
Since 1999 I have also been involved with the illustration of Children’s Literature published by per Arnoldo Mondadori Edizioni El ed Einaudi ragazzi, Piemme/ Battello al vapore , Carthusia, Ediciclo editore and others.


I was a teacher at IED in Milano for three years and I have been a long standing  member of the Italian Illustrators’ Association.
In 2003 I was awarded  the prize “S.BERNARDO Arte della leggerezza”.